Sethule Trust has a special interest in the plight of vulnerable children. Their aim is to help the rural child have equal opportunities to thrive and succeed in the world. Sethule endeavours to give a future to orphans by helping them find loving families as well as helping to provide education, access to healthcare and nutrition. They operate in the Matabeleland provinces of Zimbabwe.  

Their work has given hope and a future to many children.

Orphan care

Approximately 1 in 6 children in Zimbabwe have lost one or both parents as a result of HIV/AIDS.  Approximately 24% of all children in schools in Zimbabwe have lost both parents (UNICEF data). 

Sethule helps and supports orphan children through their grief and also identifies responsible relatives or families known to the child, who can take the child into their loving home, as part of their family. 

Sethule then helps to subsidize the family with monthly food and self-care hampers and Positive Parent counselling.

Education support

From loaning bicycles to children that must travel long distances in order to attend school to establishing Early Childhood Development centers to give younger children a better start in life, to enabling children to go to high-school and university, Sethule gives many children the opportunity to gain an education.

Sethule directly supports many community pre-schools as well as many children in severe need from primary to high school and beyond.

Their work has directly led to the education of many children. 

ensuring orphans have birth certificates

Sethule is actively involved  in obtaining a Birth Certificate for every orphan who does not possess one.

This is vital; without such documentation, an orphan cannot take examinations, cannot own property, cannot learn to drive, cannot marry, and cannot run a business.  ​

Through this process, Sethule also has the possibility of finding more distant relatives. 

feeding program

The preschool feeding programme provides a daily nutritional meals to children in need. Child hunger is a devastating sadness across many regions of the world, as in Zimbabwe.

Children are suffering from malnutrition and many of these preschool children arrive at school with empty stomachs. 

Sethule ensures that they receive meals and proper nutrition.