Since 1981, Daniel Girard has been mananing his bike shop in Geneva and now in Crassier, sharing his experience, energy and passion with the cycling community. The shop in Crassier groups together a bike shop specializing in road bikes, an atelier and even a vintage bike museum dedicated exclusively to bicycles from the early 1970s to the late 1990s. So if you are seeking for excellent bikes and bike repairing services, have a jump in the past of cycling history and if you want to test our Possenia kits, stop by D. Girard Cycles and you will be surprised.

Daniel Girard Cycles is a Possenia retailer. Some of our collections are available for purchase in shop, along with a superb customized D.Girard Cycles x Possenia cycling jersey.

Cycles D. Girard 1-3, Rte de Nyon, 1263 Crassier (Vaud), Switzerland.
D.Girard Cycles

Le Cercle is a unique bike shop if you are looking to experience the link between a high-end bike shop and art. Get inspired by this new vision of the cycling couture and join the weekly social rides. Visit the shop to find the bike that fits your needs or even stop by to enjoy a coffee, while chatting and watching some races.

Le Cercle is a Possenia retailer where you can try and/or buy our Possenia collections.

Le Cercle. Rue Saint-Jean 18, 1260 Nyon (Vaud) Switzerland.

We all know how important it is to have a clean and fully efficient bike to enjoy every single ride safely. But keeping a bike clean it’s a dirty job for sure. Velo-Clean works in partnerships with Le Cercle bike shop in Nyon to provide cleaning and services to your (p)ride and joy. You want a clean chain, a quieter chain, or a more efficient drivetrain? Velo-Clean’s special chain waxing process is the way to go. Contact to save on watts.

Velo-clean is present at all Possenia events to ensure everything goes smoothly…

Every ride should start with a coffee and end with a pasta party at this amazing cycling café. Join the social rides in partnership with, plus all other TDC events.

Need a hand with your bike or just a quick service? The Tête de Course Atelier is there to fix you up while you enjoy a coffee. Tête de Course is a Possenia retailer and a trusted partner to some of our events.

Tête de Course, Avenue Viollier 2. 1260 Nyon (Vaud),Switzerland

Tête de Course

Bike the Lake is a group of cyclists who enjoy their regular social rides with an annual cycling around the lake event for charity supported by Possenia. We are proud suppliers of Possenia x Bike the Lake Custom Kit.

LRC is a group of young and motivated cyclists who are truly passionate about cycling. Racing, long rides, social rides, always with positive energy, passion for cycling and smiles! It's our immense pleasure to have created a Possenia x LRC Custom Kit for the group and we are proud supporters.

Romande Energie is one of the main energy providers in Switzerland, dedicating huge efforts to contribute to the decarbonisation of Switzerland by developing sustainable projects with emphasis on renewable energy production.

We are very proud to have created and supplied a Possenia x Romande Energie Custom Kit for their cyclists. Sustainable cycling clothes for the hands behind the sustainable and renewable energies around the région Romande.

Romande Energie

Since 1948 GIOS Torino has been the most iconic steel frame builder not just in Italy, but globally. With a long tradition of frame manufacturing, after 3 generations and 70 years of activity, GIOS Torino is always a reference for MADE IN ITALY made-to-measure bikes. Because steel is not only about past, it’s not just vintage bikes, it’s innovation, development , future and charm.

We are very proud to have created and supplied a Possenia x GIOS Torino Custom Kit. Quality clothes for their quality bikes.


Swiss Quote is a reference for digital banking aiming at facilitating and democratizing the world of finance for their clients. Even bankers enjoy a good ride, and we are very proud to have created and supplied a Possenia x Swiss Quote Custom Kit for their team.

Swiss Quote

A soft commodities trading company registered in Geneva, SCIPIO specialize in the physical movement of soft commodities (grains, sugar, rice and soya) within sub-saharan Africa. We are very proud to have created and supplied some Possenia x SCIPIO Custom Kit for them.


International Institute for Management Development (IMD) is a private business school in Lausanne, Switzerland specializes in executive education offering open enrollment programs for senior executives, as well as longer-term educational engagements that are customized for senior executives of a particular company.

We are very proud to have created and supplied a Possenia x IMD Custom Kit for their cyclists.


Possenia has been selected as supplier for the racing kit of several international athletes who will race at the 2022 UCI Gran Fondo World Championship in Trento (Italy) from 15 to 18 September 2022. Possenia is proud to have developed Custom Kits for athletes from the following countries: Switzerland, France, Netherlands, UK, Argentina.

Look closely and spot the Possenia Custom Kit in September.

UCI Grand FondoDiscover the Possenia x UCI Grand Fondo designs

CIE is a new trade association for companies working in the cycling sector. They represent the world’s leading cycling companies to reach out beyond the traditional definition of the industry. Possenia is a proud Cycling Industries Europe Member as we are a part of the movement to reflect the diversity, innovative capacity and growth potential of the sector.