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Choosing the right bibshorts - An eternal challenge

Choosing the right bibshorts - An eternal challenge

Bibshorts are the key piece of cycling clothing you need (obviously), so it is necessary to choose wisely. Find a good one, and you’ll blissfully ride for hours in complete comfort. Pick a bad one..I think you know what will happen if you pick a bad one.


A good bibshort is one that is excellent quality and will last over the rides and years. It needs to be constructed with the anatomy in mind to ensure pure comfort no matter the length of your ride.

So, what to focus on when choosing the right bibshort? 

  • The Chamois, since you’ll be sitting on it for a while ;)

There are endless types of chamois that have different features, performances and advantages. Some are more important than others. We recommend paying particular attention to the following:

- Gender: making sure the chamois is specifically and anatomically fitted to your gender is essential. The curves and padding of the chamois will be in the right place for your anatomy ensuring reduced pressure points, friction and shock absorption.
- Anti-bacterial properties of course, you definitely want your chamois to keep that area comfortable and free of irritation/rashes.
- Moisture-wicking is ideal too! Having a chamois that enhances air permeability, reduce heat and offer moisture-wicking capabilities will really make the difference in terms of comfort on those longer rides. 



  • The Bibshort Fabrics

Finding a soft and elastic fabric that will be comfortable against your skin is the first step. You can also pay special attention to the strategic areas in which breathable mesh panels are use to promote airflow and enhance ventilation for pure comfort.

Beyond that, you can look out for fabrics that offer cool features to enhance your cycling experience. For example, the Possenia bibshorts are made with an innovative Compressive fabric which provides excellent muscle support, reduces leg fatigue and improves blood flow in the legs for increased endurance. This compressive fabric will achieve all that by truly minimising muscle vibrations while providing targeted support to key muscle groups and reducing the risk of muscle soreness. If you haven’t tried them yet, you are definitely missing out ;)


  • The Overall Bibshort Structure

Sometimes, what make a bibshort uncomfortable is the placement of the seams and panels. Prioritise bibshorts with flat or soft seams to avoid unpleasant pressure points, chaffing and irritation. The seams need to follow the contours and line of the body to be comfortable.



This type of seam isn’t bulky and lays flat as the edges of the fabric are encased within the stitching and thread to minimise irritation and chafing. 


  • The Bibshort Straps

The best kind of straps are lightweight, super soft, elastic yet a little firm and super breathable. Ideally, the straps should feel like a second skin - this is a great indication that they will not be irritating or uncomfortable once riding. Creating the perfect strap is an art, it needs to be firm enough yet elastic enough to comfortably stretch over the curves of your body without causing shoulder pressure, all the whilst providing additional support and stability.

Sadly, you won’t really know until you try it out yourself. 



Ladies who want to try strapless shorts over bibshorts but aren’t sure they will be as comfortable, I’ve got a solution for you !

The Possenia women-specific Core Shorts are just as practical and comfortable as your usual bibshorts. Specially designed with a higher waistband for superior comfort and support, they will not ride down or cause irritation. You can safely ride for hours in them and stop for easy ‘nature’ breaks more often ;)



  • Elastic Band vs. Raw Cut Legs

This is more a personal choice, but key features will make the difference. 

When choosing a pair of bibshorts with a leg elastic band, prioritise wider leg grippers for a secure and comfortable kit around your legs. These will stay in place, sit against your skin instead of digging in, and provide slight compression for muscle support. 

Raw Cut legs, pay special attention to the silicone band on the inside. It should be light, thin and definitely not stick to the skin but rather offer a grip so it stays in place. They should feel supportive but also barely there.



  • UV/SPF/UPF Protection

Sometimes overlooked, UPF protection should be standard for both jerseys and bibshorts ! We cycle for hours on end in the sun which is harsh on the skin. Ideally, choose a bibshort with a UPF factor 50 as this will block 98 percent of the sun’s harmful rays and protect your skin the longest. 


All Possenia bibshorts have a 50 UPF rating for true protection against harmful sun rays:



Finally, we recommend finding a pair of bibshorts that will last. Lasting quality should be at the heart of everything, and it definitely at the heart of everything Possenia does. 

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