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Togeveresting for a more sustainable future, one metre at a time.

Togeveresting for a more sustainable future, one metre at a time.

The event in numbers

8 hours, 8 minutes and 48 seconds. 39 cyclists. Each loop was 661 metres of climbing. Any guesses on how much was climbed in total?
With an average of 4 loops per cyclist, we had some clear podiums. Team Riding for Cake in 3rd place with 27 loops total, Team IATA in 2nd place with 28 loops and Team Léman Racing Club in 1st place with 38.5 loops total!

"97611 meters climbed altogether. This is 11 times the Everest, impressive right? The cyclists also clocked up 3056kms which is like going from l"isle to Petra in Giordania!" said Luca Guglielmetti, co-founder of Possenia. 


Thanks to everyone’s effort during the day, we raised CHF 8124.18* in total for causes that support a better tomorrow. CHF 3251.18 goes to support Sethule’s Orphans Trust in their mission to save children's lives in Zimbabwe. CHF 3426.64 for Possenia’s Restore our Planet project which through partnerships with global projects, will support rewilding and ecosystem restoration. And 1446 CHF for GLO which aims to transform the lives of the most vulnerable in Burundi.

A twist on a classic, powering those watts for a good cause

In 1994, George Mallory decided to cycle 10 times up Australia’s Mount Donna Buang, recording an impressive 8,848m total. Somehow, this inspired fellow (crazy) cyclists to complete the challenge too. Eventually, the Melbourne based group HELLS 500 thought it would be fun to make this an official challenge, back in 2014. The Everesting challenge was born.
So, we wondered how much a group of cyclists can climb in 8 hours, 8 minutes and 48 seconds (the ‘height’ of Everest).
The challenge is one where participating cyclists will have to challenge their limits in order to support causes that help build a more sustainable future, with each metre climbed generating funds. The 20km loop (with an elevation gain of 661 meters) was in a lesser-known and quieter area of l’Isle, departing from the Château de l’Isle up to Châtel and back down (route details here) with the climb ending on a difficult 20%+ incline. The participating cyclists challenged themselves to cycle up the climb as many times as possible in an 8 hours, 8 minutes and 48 seconds time frame. The ultimate goal: rack up as much elevation gain as possible during that time.
Every metre climbed by the group contributed towards raising funds for their chosen causes, whether 1 metre or 5000. Furthermore, with every ticket sold, Possenia donated a further CHF 75 to the participant’s chosen cause. Participants were given the choice between three causes:
  • Sethule Orphans’ Trust: their work provides loving homes, food, healthcare and education to many orphaned children in Zimbabwe.
  • Great Lakes Outreach who work with visionary local leaders to transform Burundi through education, sport, business, healthcare, nutrition and more, bringing hope to thousands of the most vulnerable.
  • Restore Our Planet fund which aims to contribute to projects and organizations whose objectives are to rewild our planet, increase biodiversity and restore key forests around the world.


Possenia partnered with local businesses to support the all-day event at the beautiful Chateau de l’Isle: Cycles Girard, LeCercle, Velo-Clean and EcoWorkshop. Without these partners, the event could not have taken place. Thank you!
To further motivate and encourage our cyclists, we had some prizes to win.
The team that win's the “Most funds donated” prize is TEAM RIDING FOR CAKE with an impressive CHF 2302! This prize is focused on funds directly donated before, during and after the event but of course, does take into account pledges that have already been completed and donated. This team wins a whole year worth of Possenia Cycling kit. Congratulations!
The winner for the individual “Most metres climbed” is Armin Dederichs with a total of 10 loops and 6610 metres climbed ! His prize, a pair of Luigino Verducci cycling shoes!
Congratulations and thank you to all participants who made their way up a brutal climb in support of a better tomorrow!
A HUGE thank you to all that pledged funds, donated funds and supported this event.
Together, we achieve more. Together we made a difference...and even more by sharing a passion and a smile! This was a unique experience to push ourselves and raise money for charities.

Our Teams

TEAM IATA (Sponsored by IATA)
  • 28 loops
  • 18508 metres
  • 1840.08 CHF raised in support of Sethule Orphan's Trust
TEAM RIDING FOR CAKE (Sponsored by Frontiers SA)
  • 27 loops
  • 17847 metres
  • 2302 CHF raised in support of Rewilding & Ecosystem Restoration
  • 4 loops
  • 2644 metres
  • 14 loops
  • 9254 metres
TEAM LEMAN RACING CLUB (Co-sponsored by Carole Brendel)
  • 38.5 loops
  • 25449 metres
  • 811.1 CHF raised in support of Sethule Orphan's Trust
  • 11 loops
  • 7271 metres
  • 8 loops
  • 5288 metres

Solo legends



TIM HEMSTED (4.5 Laps)

TOM BRUCE (2 Laps)

Together, our solo legends completed 14.5 loops and climbed 9584.5 metres.

Virtual Legends

Contributed metres through cycling on the day of the Togeveresting by joining the Virtual Togeveresting challenge.
  • 2.2 loops
  • 1498 metres
  • 0.4 loops
  • 268 metres

About Possenia Cycling

Possenia Cycling is built upon three pillars: premium quality and performance; responsible manufacture; and philanthropy. Possenia is a purpose-driven, responsible producer of premium cycling apparel, based in Switzerland. As a registered not-for-profit, purpose-driven organization, Possenia is dedicated to its mission of supporting vulnerable communities, protection of children and babies as well as supporting projects that aim to improve the state of our climate and planet. Possenia Cycling is all about a love of cycling, great performance on the bike and community but most of all, it is about giving back to others and to the planet.
*not all pledges were honored and thus only completed pledges were counted.