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Schweizer National Aero Trikot Unisex

CHF 149.00 Regulärer Preis CHF 199.00
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SchneidenSprinters Cut (knapp über den Ellenbogen)

Possenias Version des Schweizer Nationaltrikots mit klassischem Mosaik-Linksärmel.

Dieses Trikot in limitierter Auflage ist die aktualisierte, neue Generation unseres hochwertigsten Aero-Trikots. Es ist für Spitzenleistungen konzipiert und erfüllt strenge Nachhaltigkeits- und ethische Kriterien. Diese zweite Haut-Race-Passform schmiegt sich bequem an Ihren Körper und sorgt für eine optimale Passform. Gemacht, um sicherzustellen hervorragende Atmungsaktivität, Schweißableitung und Thermoregulierung. Es ist ein echtes Aero-Trikot mit nachgewiesenen Aero-Vorteilen zwischen 25 und 45 km/h.

Der Sprinters Cut wird auf den Fotos unten demonstriert. Einen Vergleich des Sprinters Cut und des Climbers Cut finden Sie unter Ghost Shots.

Entworfen in der Schweiz, 100 % Made in Italy- Stoffe, hergestellt in Europa.

  1. Wind-Tunnel Tested Design:
    The jersey has undergone rigorous wind-tunnel testing to optimize its shape and reduce aerodynamic drag, ensuring superior performance against the wind when moving faster than 25km/hr
  2. Streamlined Fit:
    A form-fitting silhouette and tailored design minimize excess fabric, providing a sleek and aerodynamic profile that reduces air resistance
  3. Aero Fabric Construction:
    Utilizes advanced aerodynamic fabrics that are not only lightweight but also engineered to minimize air drag, promoting smoother airflow over the cyclist's body
  4. Textured Fabrics:
    Incorporates textured fabrics strategically to manipulate airflow, reducing turbulence and enhancing aerodynamic efficiency
  5. Extended Sleeves with Aero Cuffs:
    Longer sleeves with aerodynamically designed cuffs contribute to reduced drag and improved airflow around the arms
  6. Integrated Aero Pockets:
    Pockets are seamlessly integrated into the jersey design, maintaining aerodynamics while providing convenient storage for essentials.
  7. Collar Design:
    A low-profile collar and textured yoke panel minimizes drag around the neck area
  8. Race-Focused Cut:
    Tailored specifically for a racing position, the jersey ensures an optimal fit when the cyclist is in an aggressive, aerodynamic riding stance
  9. Full-Length YKK Zipper:
    A full-length zipper allows for quick adjustments to ventilation, crucial for managing body temperature during intense efforts
  10. Lightweight and Breathable:
    The use of lightweight, breathable materials ensures comfort while maintaining the jersey's focus on aerodynamics.
  11. High-Visibility Elements:
    Safety features such as reflective details or high-visibility colors are integrated without compromising the jersey's aerodynamic performance
  12. UV Protection:
    Provides protection against harmful UV rays, ensuring the cyclist's skin is shielded during long hours in the saddle.
  13. Durable Construction:
    High-quality, durable materials and reinforced stitching contribute to the longevity of the jersey, withstanding the demands of intense racing

Front: 85% Recycled Polyester + 15% Elastane | Back: 90% Recycled Polyester + 10% Elastane | Sleeves: 75% Polyester + 25% Elastane

Look after your Possenia kit with love. It’s sustainable, not invincible.

  • Wash below 30 degrees on a gentle wash cycle
  • Use a mild detergent and don’t use fabric softener or conditioner
  • Never tumble dry your cycling clothing
  • Hang your kit to dry, inside-out and preferably in the shade
  • Always wash inside-out to avoid pilling, with all the zippers zipped up and ideally in a mesh laundry bag.

(Pilling may occur naturally with time)

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Schweizer National Aero Trikot Unisex

CHF 149.00 Regulärer Preis CHF 199.00


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Upper Thigh: measure around the highest point of your thigh.

Above-the-knee: measure the point just above your knee.

True Aerodynamic Technology

The jersey's contours have been engineered and optimised for minimum drag and maximum speed. You'll experience reduced air resistance, translating into enhanced efficiency and ultimately improving your performance on the road.

Eco-Conscious Performance 

Partly made with recycled fabrics, this jersey is the perfect blend of performance, style and sustainability.


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