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Possenia becomes a bluesign® SYSTEM partner

Becoming a bluesign® system partner: a proud moment for Possenia

Possenia is committed to building a happier, more sustainable future for all.

Sustainable processes & responsible manufacture, philanthropy and premium quality and performance are the three pillars on which Possenia is built. In fact, incorporating sustainable processes has always been a core focus of Possenia but more than that, it's been an obsession for us, a raison d'être, and we are so excited and very proud to announce that Possenia is now a bluesign® SYSTEM partner, committed to applying the bluesign® SYSTEM to continuously improve our environmental performance and our focus on a sustainable future.

From the beginning, we have worked with leading manufacturers to create products with ethically & responsibly-sourced materials, conscious & careful use of water and energy, and only a combination of bluesign® APPROVED and OEKO-TEX® fabrics/raw materials, ensuring that Possenia products were responsibly-made, in the EU. While this was a good start, we've realized this isn't sufficient.

The thing is, we're human and we haven't got it all figured out. Sustainability is incredibly complex and the more we learn, the more we see how aspects can be improved tomorrow. Every day, better approaches are found technologically but also in terms of feasibility for manufacturers and suppliers.

In other words, sustainability is a road to be travelled.

There are always improvements to be made further down the road. And every day, when we learn new ways to do better, we immediately begin to implement it so that we can continue to give back to our planet, vulnerable populations and to the cycling community in the best way possible. 

"Our bluesign® SYSTEM partnership is a proud moment for us because it's a line in the sand that helps us to understand where we can improve further and how we can protect our environment and our customers. We are learning exactly where we stand. We are working continually to improve and reduce our impact and continue to bring you the most sustainable option for cycling apparel," says Luca Guglielmetti, Possenia's CISO and Co-Founder. 

Transparency is a key component of sustainability

We rely on knowing what our suppliers are doing in order to fully understand where we are with our products. This enables us to make the right choices but also ensures that we can be transparent on our side about where we are currently on our sustainability journey. In our process with bluesign®, we have discovered that some of our products did not reach the bluesign® APPROVED fabrics amounts that we initially targeted.

Working with bluesign® closely means we have corrected this and from 2023, all new Possenia products will meet the following criteria and fall into these specific categories, reflecting where each product is in terms of its sustainability:

1) 90% bluesign® APPROVED fabrics

The majority of our non-recycled range of products fall into this category. At least 90% bluesign® APPROVED fabrics are used in their manufacture ensuring the highest level of sustainability currently. 

2) Part bluesign® APPROVED - part OEKO-TEX® fabrics

Certain models our of jerseys (the Abstract and Club jerseys) cannot at this moment reach 90% bluesign® fabrics. While products such as this remain responsibly-made (adhering to European standards for ethical and environmental impact), as all Possenia products, we have less of an understanding of the impact of one of the key fabrics used in the creation of this jersey.

3) RRR 60 

Products in this range will include 90% bluesign® APPROVED fabrics of which at least 60% will be recycled. For the moment, none of our products meet this criteria, but going forward, certain models (such as the SS Eco Race RRR jerseys) will be brought into alignment with this category.  11 PET bottles are recycled into a jersey in which 70% of the fabrics are recycled but we aim to increase this to 15 or for jerseys that have at least 90% recycled fabrics. 

4) RRR 90

Products in this range will include at least 90% bluesign® APPROVED fabrics of which at least 90% will be recycled. The majority of our RRR (Reduce Reuse Recycle) range of products will fall into this category. 11 PET bottles are recycled into a jersey in which 70% of the fabrics are recycled but we aim to increase this to 15 or more for jerseys that have at least 90% recycled fabrics. 

5) RRR X 

Products in this range will have varying levels of recycled fabrics but at least 90% of them will be bluesign® APPROVED fabrics. Sometimes, to achieve a specific functional quality, the use of a non-recycled yet sustainable fabric is preferred. 

Onwards to Net-Zero

As we look forward, we will continue to reduce our impact and increase our sustainability in a number of ways: through our partners and affiliates; through responsible manufacture; carbon offsetting and recapture and our philanthropic activities. By 2024, Possenia aims to have everything in place to achieve net-zero and by 2026, net-positive. We'll keep you updated on our journey to net-zero and net-positive. 

Please read more about bluesign® 



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