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Dark is the new light in the summer

Dark is the new light in the summer

As cyclists ride outdoors throughout the year, they need to find solutions to some problems encountered with the elements. In the summer months, it's the heat we dread the most. This affects our clothing choices, from fabrics to colours. 

For example, a dark jersey is never your first choice in the summer. The dark textile absorbs visible and invisible sunlight causing the clothing item to heat up and our body temperature to shoot up. What if I told you some black jerseys are actually made to be worn in the summer. Would you believe me? 

Possenia uses the latest technology for its cycling clothing to take you further, faster. Some of our items use the Coldblack® technology which is a finishing technology for textiles that are exposed to sunlight for an extended length of time. See where I'm going with this?

Coldblack® is superb. It reduces the absorption of sunlight (both visible and invisible) to prevent your darker textile from heating up by reflecting the sun away from your clothes. This means the wearer is less hot, sweats less and can perform better. This technology also acts as a UV protector and guarantees a UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) of at least 30 on your darker items. All this without compromises on quality and comfort of course. 

This is why we have chosen to incorporate this technology to some of our jerseys: Elite Jersey Glimmer, Elite Jersey Women, and the Elite Contours Jersey.


These jerseys are designed to be a racing-fit to your body and highly breathable with a panel of coldblack® technology mesh on the back which keeps you cool, no matter how far you are going. 


*This cooling effect technology, developed by Schoeller® Switzerland, is extensively tested in the EMPA St. Gallen laboratory


Possenia Cycling is built upon three pillars: premium quality and performance; responsible manufacture; and philanthropy. Possenia is a purpose-driven, responsible producer of premium cycling apparel, based in Switzerland. As a purpose-driven organization, Possenia is dedicated to its mission of supporting vulnerable communities as well as supporting projects that aim to improve the state of our climate and planet. Possenia Cycling is all about a love of cycling, great performance on the bike and community but most of all, it is about giving back to others and to the planet.


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